This travel destination is Istanbul, Turkey(Türkiye)!

It was the first place I’ve ever traveled to that was cheaper than other countries, and it was the place that made a lot of good memories!

Turkey is famous for its Turkish ice cream, so I remember eating ice cream in Istanbul.

However, compared to the fact that the consumer made fun of being not able to catch ice cream in Korea as I saw on TV, he repeatedly did similar behaviors (about 3 to 4?) as if they were working in a factory. I think it was due to lots of tourists. I remember laughing a lot with the friend I went with.

Then I’ll introduce you to Istanbul!

Turkey is also called a brother country of Korea, right?

Is Turkey Europe? Is it Asia?

It is said 3 percent of the land is in Europe and 97 percent is in Asia.

Well, I’ll leave it up to you to conclude which one is right ^^

If you go to Istanbul, there is a tourist attraction that you would have to visit.

I think it is definitely Hagia Sophia!

Hagia Sophia pictured from the Sultanahmet Square

If you go to Istanbul, you should visit Hagia Sophia!

Hagia Sophia is a mosque!

Hagia Sophia pictured from the rooftop of the accommodation.

I thought I shouldn’t take pictures inside, so I skipped it.

When I took off my shoes and went in, they lend women hijab. The women wore it and the men just went in and prayed and came out.

Istanbul’s second tourist destination was Grand Bazaar!

Inside of Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar…. It was really fun here. I strongly recommend you to visit here!

Merchants were pretty good at Korean. Don’t panic even if they naturally talk to you like a friend in Korean for touting while passing by passing by! Haha

Grand Bazaar 2
Grand Bazaar 3

There was really everything here.

You could think that there was almost everything is there!

Well, it was also the shrine to counterfeit goods. Haha.

Everyone was so kind that I remember having fun walking around!

I’ll end by showing you additional pictures of the place I’ve been to!

Galata Tower
Disaster in heavy rain near Galata Bridge
The rain stopped and the rainbow

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