If I want to see the sea,

most of the places I drive right away are

in the East Sea.

There is also the West Sea near Seoul,

but many people visit because the East Sea is clearer.

I would show you Gangneung Coffee Street,

a famous tourist destination, in Gangneung,

a representative place in the East Sea.^^

The day I went to film a tourist attraction was

always lucky to have good weather.^^

This time, the sea view of Anmok Beach and

the clouds in the sky matched beautifully.

Gangneung Coffee Street is lined with cafes on the left

and beaches on the right.

Gangneung Coffee Street is consistently selected as one of the top 100 tourist attractions in Korea

due to the scenery of looking at the sea while drinking a cup of coffee.

The coffee festival is held every October on Gangneung Coffee Street,

and it was held in November this year.

If you visit during the festival, there will be various cultural events and free tasting events,

so if you are interested,

you will be able to enjoy a more enjoyable trip

if you visit after checking the festival date every year.^^

If the first start of Gangneung was a coffee street,

it would be good to plan the next course while looking at the information from Gangneung City.

There are more places to go sightseeing in Gangneung than I thought,

so please come leisurely for 1 night and 2 days^^

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