Did you have a nice day with the breeze and the autumn sky? I’m Rita of Biroso travel

Since it’s the perfect weather for an outdoor trip, I’d like to introduce you to a family walking course that only I want to know. It is Bucheon Natural Ecological Park.

Bucheon is also famous for its cartoon and animation festivals. As we walk down the street, characters from cartoons we know greet us everywhere.

Bucheon Natural Ecological Park consists of Bucheon Botanical Garden, Dragonfly Ecology Center, Bucheon Mureungdo Arboretum, and a picnic area. I recommend you tie up the botanical garden and the arboretum to enter.

There were small parrots in the botanical garden, and the children really liked them because they were really pretty. The experience center, which had audiovisual materials on plant roots, stems, leaves, and various vegetables, was very popular with children. These contents were about elementary, middle, and high school biology classes, so parents’ eyes were sparkling.

I could buy tickets in front of the botanical garden. There were kiosks, so I could buy tickets right away. The staff next to me kindly guided me.

It was an experience center on the 2nd floor of the botanical garden. It was displayed well so that I could see the appearance of the plants by season, the introduction of the parts of the plants, and the characteristics of the leaves and petals.

The arboretum had a clear view. The fountain and the agricultural relic hall were decorated cutely from the beginning, so it was fun to look around.

There were flowers on the hill in the middle. There was also a windmill model, so it was great to take pictures. And although it wasn’t in the picture, there was a deck walkway on the other side, and I liked the refreshing feeling of sunlight coming through the shade of the tree.

If you bring a mat, you can take rest on a deck bench. If you look up at the sky while taking a nap, you will automatically say, “This is paradise.”

Admission for adults is 2,000 won at the botanical garden and 1,000 won at the arboretum. Bucheon citizens and residents of Hwaseong-si, Gangneung-si, Okcheon-gun, Gongju-si, Muju-gun, Jindo-gun, and Bonghwa-gun, which are sister cities with Bucheon, can receive a 50% discount when you bring their ID cards.

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So far, it was Rita of Biroso travel.

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