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The second introduction of the trip to Yeosu is the Yeosu cable car. It’s a cable car that literally allows you to travel between islands over the sea. During the day, you can see the distant ridge village huddled together. At night, you can see the night sea, a specialty of Yeosu, overflowing with lights.

Many passengers bought round-trip tickets rather than one way. Maybe it’s because they have cars. We also bought a round-trip ticket to park, crossed by cable car, and returned by riding again. The round-trip ticket was 14,000 won for adults (11,000 won for one way) and 10,000 won for children (7500 won for one way).

You don’t have to take a cable car back right away, so it’s good to slowly look around other places around you and go sightseeing enough before returning.

The cable car had a Bluetooth speaker, so I could listen to individual cell phone music in the cable car. However, it was cut off when we filmed the video, so I think it’s better to choose a separate one for music and filming. And the air conditioner is not available, so if you visit in the middle of summer, it would be good to be concerned about boarding around 2 p.m., when the internal air temperature is really hot.

Angels live everywhere in our country.

It’s great to ride a cable car and look around from a high place, but it’s also beguiling to see a cable car floating. Just looking at the cable car without thinking is healing.

The cable car climbing the mountain while enjoying the superb view of Hallyeosudo in Tongyeong was very memorable, and it was so nice to have a cozy time with my family while crossing the sea.

Let’s summarize three ways to enjoy Yeosu cable cars.

  1. Find something to enjoy enough time for a round trip
  2. Choose your preference between day and night charm
  3. Remember how to enjoy the cable car inside and outside and prepare for taking proof shots

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