For the small size business store
Virtual Travel System subscription guide

goes with small business owners

Real-time streaming with
Live tour

Wonderful experience

STT Voice chat service E-Commerce feature during the live tour You can experience the pleasure of a live tour only

Made by user
Customized tour

Systematic experience

Distance base self-designing tour Through simulation by the commission model Experience the exceptional joy of the customized tour

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What is the VTS partner store?

The small business licensed sellers of virtual travel platform "Enjoy Street"
The following services are provided

The Enjoy Street's sellers will be able to sell products during a live, real-time non-face-to-face video service. Our company sell real-time products to travelers Live sales of Enjoy Street based on real-time online shopping will offer you a new chance of selling your products for travellers

What is the standard for VTS partner store opening?
  • Business registration holder

    The Enjoy Street is with a small business owner who has a certification

  • Honesty and hospitality services mind

    Complying with the guide policies and conditions of Enjoy Street, there must be zero official complaints

  • Commitment fulfilment with travellers

    All the transaction must comply with the terms and conditions of the product sold to the traveler

  • Global non-face-to-face services

    It is accompanied by a new and enjoyable travel experience of Enjoy Street, a global non-face-to-face service

What are the benefits of being the seller of VTS only?
  • Real-time GPS service

    ENJOY STREET's GPS service accurately indicates the location of the real-time store.

  • Streaming live service

    Meet a new world of online live touring service

  • Provide Insight for Sale

    For a successful business, we provide insight data processed by AI data analysis

  • Planners for sales management

    Use the My Page Calendar to manage business sales efficiently

Check the subscription procedure for the VTS Store Guide
  • STEP 01


    The simple membership step through the essential information input including the name, e-mail, contact information, etc

  • STEP 02

    Documents verification

    Check the membership information and proceed with the examination by the step guide officer

  • STEP 03

    Admission approval

    Acquires authority as a VTS travel expert after the review (Check email)

  • STEP 04

    Initiate activities

    The step of starting one's career as a VTS store "Welcome to the business stores"

※ Approval for subscription will be given within about 5 days
if there are no special issues after joining the membership
The approval results will be informed by the email you entered when you join